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The Field Hockey BC Foundation supports capital programs designed to enhance the delivery of field hockey across British Columbia. Capital programs currently focus on the need for primary field hockey facilities able to support local, regional, provincial, national and international development. The flagship capital program for the Foundation is the vision to create a 'home' for field hockey in BC, a 'home' that would incorporate a purpose built international standard training and event hosting stadium, as well as, an off-field training, administrative, hospitality, and sport science centre.

The BC Field Hockey Centre

A local, regional, provincial, national, and international event hosting and training centre. A centre designed to compliment existing primary field hockey facilities and make British Columbia a world leader both on and off the pitch.


“I have been impressed with the vision, passion, and attention to detail brought to this project. It has been a pleasure to work with Field Hockey BC and take this project from a conceptual vision to a design reality”

Marguerite Laquinte Francis, Principal Architect, MLF Event Architecture inc.

“It was clear from the start that Field Hockey BC had a vision founded with the best interests of athlete development at the core. Having been a past Canadian Olympian I have first hand experience in what is required to support an athletes development and this project addresses just such an environment at every stage of development”

Allan Francis, Design Architect and Past Olympian

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